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Successful Marketing Secrets of the #1 Thermage Doc Nationwide

Seattle physician Dr. Virginia Stevens schedules on average 15 Thermage sessions a week, generating monthly gross revenues around $150,000.

ďAbout 35% of my business is a result of the marketing efforts of American Health and,Ē says Dr. Stevens.

For nearly two years, American Health and Beautyís web marketing program has been consistently providing high quality new patient inquiries from the entire Pacific Northwest region on a daily basis.

What are you missing if you already own a Thermage machine and arenít seeing the revenue results that Dr. Stevens does?

In December 2005, the Aesthetic Buyers Guide profiled four doctors around the country who are seeing great clinical results and phenomenal practice revenues through the use of both facial and body Thermage.

"My patient base and patient load are burgeoning because of the Thermage," conveyed Virginia Stevens, M.D., who practices aesthetic medicine near Seattle, Washington. "This is what the consumer has been clamoring for. Treatment is perfectly safe for face and thighs. Reception has been overwhelmingly positive."

"Buying my first Thermage machine in February 2004 was probably the best business decision I ever made. Within five months, it quadrupled my income," stated Dr. Stevens, who now uses three ThermaCool systems at one office location.

With the new 3.0 cm2 tip, the average time to treat face and neck is about 80 minutes, representing 35% to 40% less time. "We can now see more patients in a given time period. The operating margins range from 60% to 70% for face and body."

Even though Thermage is effective as a stand-alone therapy, Dr. Stevens quickly realized "the necessity and the beauty of combining the Thermage with other procedures. I began to combine the Thermage with almost all my other therapies, including Contour Threads (Surgical Specialties Corp.) for lifting and radiofrequency photofacials." Currently, about 30% of Dr. Stevenís Thermage patients opt for combination modalities.

You can easily expand an existing Thermage practice with just a few tricks: Better patient results come from better doctor training.

Arrange a preceptorship or an observation day with a doctor who is doing more Thermage than you are. Your Thermage rep is an excellent resource for finding help. Happier patients means more referrals, and referrals donít cost a dime.

You might need to rethink your marketing efforts.

What does your website look like?

Good practice websites provide a wealth of information about the procedures, allow the patient to see before and after pictures, and give easy access to email and call your office. Give your website the "granny test" - have someone completely unfamiliar with the internet sit down in front of your site and see how they navigate it.

How quickly do you call back an interested patient and who is answering the phone in your office?

Chances are that if someoneís calling you to ask questions about Thermage, theyíre seriously interested and just need to be comfortable enough with your office to say yes.

What does American Health and Beauty do?

  • Your practice is listed on and on one of their local sites (see for an example) as a Thermage provider. You can submit your Before and After photos and contribute any procedure related content you would like to post.
  • Prospective patients write directly to you and are required to provide their name, phone, email, and zip code
  • Advertising fees vary depending on the procedures offered and the location. Please contact American Health and Beauty, LLC for more information on listing your Thermage practice. is a web marketing partner of VC Cubed.

    Dr. Thomas Shelton Powers (one of the top Thermage providers in California) at DIVA Medical in Orange County says that American Health and Beauty is "the best value Iíve ever had for my marketing dollar hands down!"

    Now you have the name and contact info for a prospective patient who wants more information and possibly a consultation for a procedure like Thermage. This part is up to you, and the patientís first contact with your office is critical.

    If you are a physician wishing to learn more about purchasing a Thermage ThermaCool machine, visit

    For more information about marketing your Thermage practice or locating a preceptorship, contact us at 713-896-7457 or use the contact form.

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