VC Cubed specializes in marketing Thread Lift Face Lift doctors

American Health and Beauty is without question the most cost effective form of marketing available for doctors performing thread face lift, featherlift, and Contour Thread Lift.

You’ve trained in the technology, you’re comfortable with the procedure, now the question do I attract new patients? How will anyone ever know that I provide this procedure?

You could purchase a magazine ad for a large sum of money and hope that the phone rings. You could send press releases to the television stations and beg or pay for air time. Maybe you’ll develop an infomercial and rename the procedure, again, further confusing your market into wondering, “which thread face lift is the right one?”

Thousands of inquiries about thread lift are processed through Yahoo, MSN, and Google each day. A very large percentage of those inquiries land on American Health and Beauty. Your prospective patient can then find their own city and a doctor who performs some variety of thread face lift.

People who are interested in thread face lift spend a fair amount of time researching the procedure online. With thread face lift rapidly growing in popularity thanks to the media and Oprah, prospective candidates for the threadlift are clamoring for information.

When they’re ready to talk to a doctor, we help them find the right physician in their area. This prospective patient can write to you or call your office.

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