Since 2001, VC Cubed has been designing web sites for doctors and for patients who are seeking general information about cosmetic surgery, non-surgical aesthetic procedures, and LASIK laser eye surgery.

Our magazine-style marketing sites for patients:

Our health and fitness magazine sites for patients:

  • Chicago Health and Fitness
  • Dallas Health and Fitness
  • Los Angeles Health and Fitness
  • Minnesota Health and Fitness
  • New York Health and Fitness
  • Orlando Health and Fitness
  • San Diego Health and Fitness
  • San Jose Health and Fitness
  • San Francisco Health and Fitness
  • Seattle Health and Fitness
  • Tampa Health and Fitness

LASIK information sites:

  • Texas Lasik
  • Houston Lasik
  • Lasik Arizona
  • Bay Area Lasik
  • California Lasik
  • Carolina Lasik
  • Charlotte Lasik
  • Chicago Lasik
  • Colorado Lasik
  • Bay Area Lasik
  • Florida Lasik
  • Los Angeles Lasik
  • New Jersey Lasik
  • New York Lasik
  • Seattle Lasik
  • Utah Lasik
  • Washington Lasik

Individual doctor sites designed by VC Cubed:

  • Houston Women's Care Associates, Ob-Gyn, Houston, Texas
  • Houston Ob-Gyn Group, Houston, Texas
  • Dr. Chris J. Cabler, MD LASIK & Ophthalmology, Houston, Texas
  • Dr. John D. Goosey, MD LASIK & Ophthalmology, Houston, Texas
  • Dr. Stephen White, Skin Rejuvenation Center, Sugar Land, Texas